What We Do

Process & Technology Evaluation

Our team evaluates the technologies and processes currently “under your roof.” We ask questions Like:

  • What do you need from your current technology?
  • Are you getting the information you need?
  • What do you like/dislike about it?
  • Do you feel it’s useful?
  • What would you want to change, if anything?

With this information we can focus on cost savings, redundancy elimination, increased efficiency and better “agility” in making decisions.

These all have direct impact on how you recruit (whether it is via HS recuiting or draft, free agency), existing player measurement and development, game planning and opponent research.

Our findings save money, time and resources across any and all sports!

“…the bulk of the process comes down to judging the player’s athletic gifts and how he fits into a team’s needs.”

Thomas Dimitroff
General Manager Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Feb. 21, 2009

New Product Selection

Ever wonder if that “new technology” everyone is raving about is right for your organization? We help you separate fact from fiction and bring honest, non-influenced criteria to assist your decision and to gauge how well the technology fits the questions you need answered. Our team of technology experts establishes test points for all vendors and assists your team in understanding which vendor (if any) is right for you.

“We can get the running times and stats on every player we play against. This is phenomenal information for any coach – we explore every detail and can analyze everything we need to know.”

Sir Alex Ferguson
Manager, Manchester United
The Technician, May 2009

Information Consolidation

How many analytics providers (either information or technology) do you currently own and/or subscribe? Ever have difficulty pulling these together to understand “one version of the truth”? Our experts understand these technologies and feel the frustration that goes along with having multiple disparate data sources.

Want to turn all of that data into useful, actionable information?

Real Sports Analytics has developed a patent-pending technology that consolidates your existing data sources and brings your data “forward” is an easy to understand format. Our technology is free for use with our clients and our consultants are experts in identifying and integrating your raw data sources.

“Some players will excel in a specific area such as three-point shooting or rebounding, for example, while others may demonstrate pro-level proficiency in many facets of the game. HEAT scouts are looking at size, quickness, athleticism, NBA player comparisons and an overall evaluation of player performance in that particular game.”

Randy Pfund
Former President and
General Manager of the Miami Heat
Behind The Scenes: Player Evaluation